Steady as She Goes...

Posted on Sep 07, 2023

August in the Powell River residential real estate market was pretty much a clone of July with 29 sales, up from 28 and 59 new listings, up from 58.  These numbers are ‘reasonably average’ for this time of year.  The hot markets were higher but over time these numbers fit in well.  With no interest rate change this month, it feels like we can expect S...

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Slower, and Uncertain

Posted on Jul 12, 2023

There was a small uptick to 31 sales from 27 in May in the Powell River residential real estate market this past month.  The market is generally slower than usual this summer due mainly to the rising interest rates which put a purchase out of reach for some and uncertainty about where prices are going for others. Demand is still strong and we are se...

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Posted on Mar 13, 2023

February 2023 Update

‘Hesitancy’ is still the sentiment among buyers in the Powell River residential real estate market.  Sales fell off from 13 in January to 10 in February which was the third low month in a row.  The numbers are low but not way out of line for this time of year. There is quite a bit of busy-ness among buyers around the office though...

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Waking Up??

Posted on Feb 08, 2023

Jan 2023 Update

We’re in the annual winter ‘bottom out’ for sales in the Powell River residential real estate market with 12 sales in January following 11 in December.  It’s pretty normal with only the depth and length of the bottom varying from year to year. This year is lower than recent years but similar to 2019 at 11 and 14.  Prices have dropped...

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Posted on Feb 03, 2023

It was pretty slow in the Powell River residential real estate market with sales at 11 in December compared with 32 and 28 the last two years.  As a seasonal low, it’s not the lowest, but among them.  New listings were at 19 which is lower than last year at 25 but reasonably comparable to other Decembers.  People have their minds on other things in De...

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Putting on the Brakes!

Posted on Feb 03, 2023

Winter doldrums and a slowing market showed in the November stats for the Powell River residential real estate market with 17 sales, down from 30 in October. It’s not a record, but certainly slower than usual for November.  At 28 new listings, we’re down from 44 in October but pretty much on par for Novembers in the past several years.  Total listing...

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